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Op-Ed: Local Issues Matter Too

By Jane Marshall

While Presidential politics take all our attention, there are local issues that directly affect our day- to-day lives. And like national politics they’re influenced by money, corporations and special interests.

One of those issues is Measure K on the March 3rd primary ballot here in Oceanside. Measure K would change the City Clerk and Treasurer from elected positions to appointed positions made by the City Council. In a word, that takes away our vote and our voice in such key areas as our money and oversight of local elections.

Supporters of Measure K say this would make the Clerk and Treasurer “professional positions.” But here’s a fact. Both current officers hold degrees or advanced degrees and have received certification. They have professional staff members as well.

Current elected officers are accountable to Oceanside’s citizens. Make sure they continue to serve us. Vote NO on K.

Jane Marshall is a 30-year resident of Oceanside, a community activist and is a candidate for City Council, a position that is NOT on the March 3rd ballot