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VOLV Secures Seed Round Funding to Help Trainers Pivot Their Businesses to Virtual Coaching

San Diego CA— VOLV, a virtual coaching platform, secures its $250K seed round of funding today, led by technology fund Greatscale Ventures. VOLV uses artificial intelligence to help wellness coaches and trainers transition to a digital business, offering their followers bite-sized, in the moment messages designed to help form healthy habits.

Now, this technology is more important than ever as fitness trainers and wellness coaches have been losing their employment and income while fitness centers are closed as non-essential businesses. VOLV is helping coaches and trainers move to a virtual business so they can continue to help their clients and followers develop healthy habits. VOLV works by integrating AI and human-based coaching in order to automate 90% of the coaching moments throughout the day.

Brent Totty, CEO of VOLV, shares, “With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we have directed our focus towards alleviating the new financial pressures that have befallen in-person wellness practitioners such as coaches, trainers, chefs and beyond. There have never been more coaches, trainers, and brands at risk of financial ruin. We are eager for the opportunity to help them turn to a digital presence so they can continue to support their clients and earn income.”

Tyson McDowell, Managing Partner at Greatscale Ventures, offers, “We are passionate about helping as many people as possible prosper through the companies we invest in, and the fact that Volv enables coaches to directly improve the quality of life of thousands of people was always our excitement around Volv.  With the recent happenings of COVID-19, it’s incredible that we can meet people where they are both on the consumer side, adapting to being so much more at home, and on the provider side enabling coaches an easier transition in today’s economic reality.”

Through the VOLV platform, coaches, creators, and trainers charge anywhere from $15-$100 per month to their existing community for their virtual programs, while VOLV makes a percentage of their fees each month, with no upfront costs. VOLV’s methodology is based on the theory that habit formation requires the right message sent at the right time on a consistent basis. VOLV automates those messages, offering a streamlined virtual coaching experience.

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