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Letters to the Editor- Dishonoring/Disregarding Public’s Comment

OPEN LETTER TO: Mayor Weiss, Deputy Mayor Feller, Councilmembers Sanchez, Rodriguez, Keim –

RE: Dishonoring/Disregarding Public’s Comments

Why is it that our Oceanside City Council Meetings lag so far behind Cities of Carlsbad, San Marcos, Escondido, Encinitas, Vista, San Diego when it comes to honoring Public Comment? All of those cities have Public Comments READ into the record during Council’s meeting. So, we know it can be done.

Oceanside does not allow Public Comment to be read BUT, the Mayor did read into the record, on April 8th, an email (the sender remained anonymous) he received related to hospital care and COVID 19. Do the rules apply to everyone, or not?

So….. what’s up with that? An email, sender undisclosed, is now on the record. Is that legal? Must public send the Mayor an email with the hope that he might read it into the record?

4-8-20, Oceanside City Council Meeting, full video:

I do salute you for sometimes mentioning, prior to voting, that you reviewed public’s emails on items, and, in some cases, your summarized take away. Better. Yet, this is so minimal in comparison to our neighboring cities, it’s mind bogglingly disrespectful of public opinion, and demonstrates disregard for public.

Once again Oceanside looks ‘stuck behind the times’, at best. Proof exists, in our neighboring cities, that there’s really no excuse for this situation to continue. I know we can do much better.

Please realize how bad this looks, and make changes necessary to bring Oceanside up to par with our neighbors.

ONLY 2 Examples–

Carlsbad’s all virtual:

NOTE: ” The City Clerk will read comments as requested up to a total of 15 minutes. …..”
Public Comment
In conformance with the Brown Act and California Executive Order No. N-29-20, a
total of 15 minutes is provided so members of the public participate in the meeting by submitting
comments as provided on the front page of this agenda. The City Clerk will read comments as requested
up to a total of 15 minutes. All other comments requested to be read by the City Clerk will trail until the
end of the meeting. In conformance with the Brown Act, no Council action can occur on these items.

San Diego’s teleconference:

NOTE: “……will be read into the record…..”

(Comment on Agenda Items must be submitted using the City Clerk webform, and indicating the agenda item number they wish to submit their comment for. Only comments submitted no later than 4:00 pm the day prior to the meeting using the public comment form will eligible to be read into the record.)

Full research findings on Facebook:

Arleen Hammerschmidt