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Letters to the Editor

I, for one was shocked at this headline of this article in the Union Tribune LOCAL section on Easter Sunday……”OCEANSIDE WANTS END OF SHUTDOWN”.

Reading it was even worse.

For those who did not get to read the article, it is about the ‘fearless political leader’ of our District 2…….City Council representative Christopher Rodriguez, apparently declaring publicly that he has wisely decided enough is enough, and basically no more Covid-19 safety shutdown is appropriate for we O’side folks.

According to Phil Diehl, author of this UT article, many associated declarations were made at the last City Council meeting, mainly by Christopher Rodriguez .

According to Mr. Diehl….This apparent Savior of O’side/Mr. C. Rodriguez, has declared that it is time for the City Offices and the people of O’side to take matters into their own hands, to open up for business of their own accord before The City goes broke from loss of revenue.

Most of the rest of the City Council group weighed in at that meeting. But none went so far as to speak strongly in favor of an independent City Management decision in this matter as did C. Rodriguez, who apparently started up this one all on his own?

Or was this a “red herring” move by the City Council’s four amigos, in an effort to use this Covid-19 disaster for their own political benefit, eh?

I ask you all……Is this City Council qualified to make, or even suggest to make such a decision? A decision most probably of LIFE or DEATH for many of their constituents?


Is Christopher Rodriguez simply “grandstanding” in a misguided effort to improve his flagging popularity in District 2 ?

……Or does he really believe what he is saying? I don’t know which of those two possibilities is worse, both defy the imagination.

Survivors can always rebuild, but deceased victims can never enjoy their money, huh?

And speaking of money, do I not correctly understand this city is holding substantial bank already at this time, perhaps sufficient to operate in a reduced yet effective manner for one year even?

The time has come for a new City Council folks, and especially to replace Christopher Rodriguez. For he has now proven himself to be inept at best, and a downright menace at worst by displaying such extremely poor judgement, by making these kind of ludicrous statements in his official capacity.

Does Rodriguez value Money over Life itself??……..sheesh!


Richard Burton

Registered Oceanside Voter