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Annual Report Shows Wind Power is Driving Economic Growth in California, Creating New Jobs, and Supporting Farmers

The country’s top choice for new power significantly increased its role in California in 2019, adding millions in new investments and land lease payments for farmers, as well as thousands of new jobs

Los Angeles CA— Wind power in California reached new heights in 2019 as growing demand for renewables drove economic growth and solidified wind’s role as a reliable energy source. A new U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) shows how California businesses, consumers, farmers, and local communities are benefiting from advancements in wind. Across the country, wind is boosting economic growth as the top choice for new power with California a national leader, adding millions in new investments, millions in annual land lease payments to support farmers, and thousands of new jobs.

AWEA’s report reveals that California’s investments in wind grew by $400 million, for a total of $15.2 billion, and produces enough energy to power nearly 1.4 million homes. Wind power is the cheapest source of new electrical generation in many states around the country, and the local economy is responding. Boost California, a statewide coalition of wind and solar energy supporters advocating for increased investments in renewable energy, reacted to the report by citing the economic benefits felt at the local level that are critical in today’s environment.

“Wind generation is helping California pursue its target of 100 percent renewable portfolio standard, and the data shows thousands of jobs and significant tax revenue are resulting from investment in wind power in the state,” said Lawren Markle, Senior Director of Communications for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation. “LAEDC’s recent report on the Ocean Economy also emphasizes the potential of offshore wind in Southern California. With the creation of good jobs, reduction of emissions, and tax revenues to support government programs, wind power is an important and growing part of the energy economy in California.”

Wind is not only powering California’s communities and businesses. The production of wind power has created a ripple effect that is supporting California’s economy at record levels. Wind workforce levels grew to support between 6,000-7,000 jobs, and annual land lease payments more than doubled to $46 million, boosting incomes for farmers across the state.

Across the country, expanded innovation and development meant wind reached new heights in 2019 as America’s top choice for new power after building 9.1 gigawatts (GW), representing 39 percent of new utility-scale power additions. With these additions, operating wind power capacity in the U.S. now stands at over 105 GW, enough to power 32 million American homes. In addition, wind energy is now the largest provider of renewable energy in the country, supplying over 7 percent of the nation’s electricity in 2019, which is enough to meet the demands of California and New Jersey combined.

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