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Oceanside Councilmember Rodriguez Expresses Frustration on Continued Business Shutdown, Mayor Responds

Oceanside CA— On Saturday, May 9, 2020, Oceanside City Councilmember, District 2, Christopher Rodriguez released a letter stating his personal opinion on non essential businesses opening in Oceanside. Later in the day, the Mayor, Peter Weiss, released a statement in response to the letter from the council member. Both can be found below.

Letter from Christopher Rodriguez

I write to you during a very challenging time. I’ve exhausted every avenue available to advocate and pressure meaningful changes both to the County of San Diego and State of California to get Oceanside back to work and your Constitutional freedoms completely reinstated. The more I dig, the more I realize both the State and County have been without a plan from the beginning. At the expense of millions of jobs and hundreds of thousands of businesses that will never recover, Governor Newsom has chosen a political pathway lacking of science, common sense and constitutional precedent. I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic and I take that oath very seriously. I’m convinced that the Constitutional rights of Oceanside residents and businesses have been trampled upon and I choose to take a stand.

If your business has been labeled “non-essential” and you share in my convictions, then I encourage you to open immediately and to please follow all social distancing, face mask and sterilization protocols that essential businesses and employees are currently following. If you’re an employee of an opening business that has been labeled “non-essential” and you feel comfortable going back to work to provide for your family again, then I encourage you to do so. I further call on like-minded Oceanside residents to safely patronize and support these businesses and to also practice county health recommendations of social distancing and face masks when practical. I also call for non-profits to serve again, and houses of worship to worship again, implementing safety protocols that we all have become familiar with.

Many County Sheriffs and Police Chiefs across our state have publicly refused to make arrests and enforce health orders knowing that they swore an oath to serve and protect the people and to support and defend the Constitution. I have faith and deep respect for Oceanside Police Chief McCoy who’s shared his philosophy of educating the citizens and businesses on the importance of complying with health orders and Constitutionally enacted laws. I’m here to support and help you reopen your business and safely get back to work. Your life, your job and your business are all essential to the future of Oceanside.

Christopher Rodriguez
Oceanside City Council- District 2

Letter from the Mayor Weiss

Today, Councilmember Rodriquez issued a letter that expressed his personal views. That letter reflects the opinion of the author and is not the official position of the City.

On behalf of the City of Oceanside, I would like to remind businesses that they are subject to the San Diego County Health Officer’s Orders regarding business operations. The County issued a revised Health Order that allows certain businesses to reopen. Under the Health Order, only businesses that meet the definitions of essential businesses and reopened businesses may operate, and they are required to prepare, post and implement the “County of San Diego Social Distancing and Sanitation Protocol” or “Safe Reopening Plan”. At this stage, the only additional businesses authorized to open are retail (curbside and delivery only), related logistics and manufacturing.

The Oceanside City Council did vote to open all businesses as soon as possible, however the latest County Health Order limits business openings. Neither the City Council, nor individual Councilmembers have the authority to direct any business to violate the County Orders. The Police Department will ensure that the Oceanside business community is following the Health Order guidelines, and those failing to comply with the Health Order will be subject to appropriate enforcement.

We urge you to refer to the City, County and State web sites for accurate guidance. While we recognize that the COVID emergency has created a hardship for many people and businesses, we must continue to follow the applicable Health Orders and cannot advise businesses to break the law.

Businesses can obtain additional information from the State’s web site at www.covid19.ca.gov.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Peter Weiss

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