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Letters to the Editor- The Amazingly Dysfunctional City Council of O’side

Christopher Rodriguez is obviously now a renegade loose cannon, one who cannot be trusted to perform his appropriate role in the City Council’s management of this city.

Our City Council has published some incredibly messed up “junk” in much of the media this past weekend on Saturday, May 09, 2020. I find the public messages of Councilman Christopher Rodriguez and Mayor Peter Weiss absolutely incredible to behold, and in little ol’ O’side no less….AMAZING!

In case you are one of the few who remains unaware, these City Leaders have made declarations in print and all over the television, the internet, and the newspapers. It’s ugly folks.

Do we now appear to look like some messed up little city in North SD County? Not a mainstream city, more of a radical little city?

ONE which would inappropriately squander our fortunate success in avoiding a major Covid-19 wipe out. ONE which may now start moving to the brink of spreading disease and calamity by not adhering to the rules?

Are you kidding me, really dude?

Is this City Council now foundering upon the “Rocks of Chaos”?

Is Anarchy now rearing it’s ugly head to make a mess of O’side?

Councilman Rodriguez advocates in his message to break the law, to thus engage in anarchy and chaos instead of law and order.

Do we as a city really want to be pandering for approval by Conspiracy Theorists and Radicals of any sort?

Are we as a city now to use unethical scare tactics in an effort to gain the support of Frightened Moms and Dads, Frightened Seniors, Desperate Small Business Owners, The Suddenly Unemployed. The Many Who Are Without Cash To Survive……..

It is apparent to me that Councilman Rodriguez well understands the concept of “grasping at straws”. That is, trying literally anything to save oneself in an emergency. That in times of great stress and danger, a majority of regular good folks can become charmed into following virtually any irregular leader’s scheme. Grasping at any “irregular straw” they find to thus be saved.

Let that not be our fate HERE  in O’side folks, or in the Great State of California, or in the rest of this great United States of America.

I stress now the word UNITED…..for UNITED we must stand, or UNITED we will surely fall.

Councilman Rodriguez is wrong and unprofessional in his declaration on how to handle this disaster called Covid-19, and the attendant calamities of all manner which we are experiencing.

He focuses upon the financial aspect of the disaster, pandering for popularity, and hoping that regular good folks now grasping at straws to stay afloat “will get on his boat”.

Going for a ride on the guaranteed unsinkable “Titanic” anyone?

Mayor Weiss has come out strongly against this action by Rodriguez, who is run amok and now made a big media splash for free. This stinks of a calculated move to me, a cheap shot to get free publicity at the expense of We The People.


Is it possible Christopher Rodriguez thinks us a bunch of chumps?

DOES he really expect folks to just go on out there and “ignore the orders from headquarters”……..DOES his dramatic statement ring true to you?  DO you really think that you cannot still get sick, that you will not possibly die from Covid-19, or the children cannot contract Kawasaki’s disease?

I for one am not willing to risk it.

Accordingly, I appreciate this once popular “wisdom” when considering to make a decision of potentially uncertain results:  ….”In God we Trust”….”ALL OTHERS PAY CASH”, HA!

I fear for all our futures if the siren songs of Irregular or Egomaniac, Narcissistic, Nihilists becomes the standard for leadership anywhere in the USA.

(brief definitions for consideration….(a NIHILIST may believe in nothing, have no loyalties, and no purpose other than, perhaps, an IMPULSE to destroy)……..(a NARCISSIST has a grandiose sense of self-importance).

Here is the public web link to our SD County pdf file of  running totals for new cases and total cases of Covid-19…..adobe reader is required to open this file, it updates regularly by the County Government agency.


Good luck everybody………stray home, stay covered, stay safe. And don’t get the rest of us sick!

Richard Burton
Registered O’side voter