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Letters to the Editor- Strange goings on in our little village by the sea

I am appalled by all these strange goings on in our little village by the sea

BUT WAIT……….THERE’S MORE?………WHAT IS THIS NOW ABOUT OFA? (OFA is the Fire Department Association, apparently another pawn in the game)

The “DOWNTOWN”craziness just goes on and on……..NOW it comes out the fire services association is revealed to have their own set of issues too!!??

If the possibility of internal problems within the Fire Department management bothers you……read the story from Ken Leighton published in The San Diego Reader on May 13, 2020 about the backroom deals and political maneuvering going on there. I am surprised and appalled……the Fire Dept. too??


ITEM……The OPD officers association tells Rodriguez to ‘back off already’ with the inflammatory rhetoric and quit causing trouble.


ITEM….SURPRISE, SURPRISE?…..RODRIGUEZ RESPONDS TIT FOR TAT, LOL !? https://www.osidenews.com/2020/05/13/councilman-rodriguez-responds-to-oceanside-police-officers-association-letter/ Sadly but apparently true. I am amazed to see so much tempest in such a relatively small teapot, sheesh indeed!! THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS FOLKS. It ponders upon much more than simple local politics my friends. I am hoping to ignite positive thinking for a positive change in our City’s Top Management. To change the “Majority of a Dysfunctional City Council”. We seriously need to improve the members of that office, simply put………all of our continued well being depends upon it. Truly, the safety and well being of “We The People” of O’side is under attack from within. THIS HAS TO STOP, NOW………..study it and think about it, huh? Our noble and courageous front line police officers and fire fighters are a great bunch for sure! I have never seen better examples of such excellent front line heroes anywhere. But what exactly is lurking in the background? I begin to wonder. Is this lovely little ‘burg of O’side at risk of becoming a “mini Los Angeles”, that place now long famed as a hotbed of civic and civil turmoil? Such inner turmoil and mismanagement that eventually it will negatively affect our very important and fundamental Police and Fire city services at the front line level? I surely hope not, for those front line folks have serious business to conduct. LIFE AND DEATH BUSINESS IN MANY CASES. They should not be subjected to the pressures of a political football, they should not be used and abused by “petty power playing politicians”, IMHO. Try to say that one three time fast, and you may have to spit……..huh? IT IS IMPERATIVE THEY HAVE NO PETTY DISTRACTIONS FROM THEIR DUTY AND ACTIONS. WHICH MANY TIMES ARE IMMEDIATELY AT HAND ON A MOMENTS NOTICE……. LIVES MAY DEPEND UPON IT, INCLUDING THEIRS. I ask you again, is the O’side City Council become a majority of dysfunctional misrepresentation?………….WTF folks, this is a mess. Our District 2 “MISREPRESENTATIVE”, Rodriguez continues to blindly go tit for tat against the law and the leadership of our city, county and state. Spewing self righteous and self serving rhetoric. The boy just wants to get elected again next time around, huh?

How does this serve the people of O’side, and our noble “Civil Warriors”, those front line men and women who actually do that hard and dangerous work to serve and protect us all? civ·il adjective……..relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns, as distinct from military or ecclesiastical matters.


Richard Burton
Registered Oceanside Voter