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Sunday Serial: Haunted Bones-Chapter 15

While Joe was taking a lazy Saturday morning with Sara, and then having a crappy lunch with Lisa, Danny was totally absorbed with the evidence. He had been making phone calls and working on a detail timeline of the Dobbins case. There were still some lingering questions; however, he did discover one piece of evidence that, for the most part, exonerated Dr. Dobbins and his bullet wound: Even though he played golf right-handed, everything else he did was left-handed. It was improbable for him to create the bullet trajectory that caused the wound to his abdomen. No, make that impossible. Besides, there were no burn marks on his body from the muzzle blast. Whoever shot him had to have been some distance away. Four feet, maybe?

In the beginning, Danny was fairly certain the doctor had committed this crime. As a matter of fact, he convinced himself he had done it even though Joe had pointed out various discrepancies. But the Boykin interview was the turning point. Now all he was doing was convincing himself, in an objectionable manner, that the good doctor’s son was, in fact, the culprit—and revenge was the motive. His brutal beating of his step-mother was beyond reproach, and Danny wanted pay back—for her. But for the moment, he wanted JUNIOR Dobbins in the pokey. Danny called an assistant district attorney to discuss the case.

After Joe had microwaved and eaten the remains of a half-eaten burger, a bag of vending machine potato chips, and gulped down a bottle of water, Danny relayed to Joe his conversation with the DA.

“So there is enough evidence to arrest him without talking to the banker or any of Dobbins’ investors?” Joe asked.

“There is. However the case still remains weak. What we really need to do to is find that gun. If we don’t, and still take him to court, a smart defense attorney will chew our asses up. Besides, if we do go ahead and arrest him, there’s a better than a 50 percent chance he’ll make bail, which will make things more difficult for us trying to find the gun. He’ll ditch it in a heartbeat.”

“So you’re thinking we do a search warrant first?”

“I do. I believe for the moment he thinks he’s in the clear. The gun very well might be nearby. If we pounce right now, we’ll put the fear of God in him. He’ll immediately know we’re after his ass. We’ll catch him off-guard; and if we get lucky, we might actually find the gun. We get the gun, we got him.”

“Interesting tactic. But what if we don’t find the gun? Then what?”

“We’ll keep a tail on him. Somewhere along the line, he’ll screw up. I just know it. He thinks he’s smart; he isn’t. He thought he committed the perfect crime; he didn’t. He believes he escaped a murder charge; he won’t. And I’m going to make damn sure he doesn’t. He’s nothing more than a narcissus self-righteous murderer who needs to be caught.”

“Damn, Danny! You really want this guy.”

“You’re damn right I do! Every time I see the photos of Mrs. Dobbins’ bloody body lying on that bed with her skull cracked wide open, I get angry. Nobody should die like that. Nobody!”

“It’s horrible. When do you want to serve the warrant?”

“In the morning. Ten o’clock.”

“It’s Sunday.”

“I know. And all his neighbors will be home and see us. They’ll come out of their houses and start asking questions. And we’ll be there to tell them what we’re doing. Young Dobbins’ life, as he once knew it, will turn for the worst. By the time he gets to really know me, he’ll wish he’d committed suicide.”

For the rest of the afternoon, they set the criteria for the search warrant and lined up a number of officers who will look for the gun. At least eight two-man black and white units will park in front of the Dobbins house. A few officers would remain outside simply telling the neighbors, “We’re conducting a search warrant. There’s nothing you can do. Please return to your homes.”

In as much as the GP’s Haunted Bones case was concerned, they didn’t spend much time discussing it. The subject of the boilers came up briefly but just decided to tackle that question tomorrow after the search warrant had been served. But in all honesty, Danny and Joe didn’t really think they’d find the gun—they just wanted to scare the hell out of Dobbins. After they did, they would return to the office and discuss the hotel case and the hotel boilers. But, for the moment, the Dobbins case remained paramount.

Around five o’clock they had their search warrant in hand with everything lined up. The two detectives decided to call it a day even though they had not heard back from Lisa at NCIS. Danny headed to his house for what would probably be last night’s left-overs. Yolanda had taken the kids to a movie and told Danny to fend for himself. Hopefully he could kick back in his lounge chair and grab a nap before they returned.

Joe, on the other hand, headed back to Sara’s condo. She was broiling a beef tenderloin and making a horseradish sauce. Two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon were lying in a small countertop wine rack. Three bottles had been there, but Sara took the notion to open one and have a glass—or two— while cooking.