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Letters to the Editor- Accentuate the Positive

I was once asked by a former girlfriend what I would do if I had unlimited funds. I replied that I would buy all major forms of media: movies studios, newspapers, TV, magazines, etc. I would then change the “theme” to POSITIVE news, movies, etc. For example “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, “E.T.”, fireman rescues family, stranger saves a drowning person, etc.  People would want to be “famous” for helping people, not killing them…emulate the GOOD in people, not continually emphasize the bad and thus promulgate evil. I love the melodic, musical themes of Rogers & Hammerstein that emphasized that people could change for the better, whether in race relations (King and I) or political differences (Sound of Music).

The counterpoint:

Our Politicians and Media today are very negative always saying everyone is a racist, homophobe, Islamaphobe , etc. Most of the time the “racist” person is merely stating that they are against a position/or law that the a person of color/sexual orientation/whatever holds, not against the person of that group. I do not think most people are racist/whatever. I think most people do as the great Martin Luther King, Jr. said: Judge people by the content of their character, not anything else. I was lucky to be raised in the city of San Fernando, where there was roughly one third brown, black and white. We all got along by just staying away from the jerks-hoodlums of whatever color. We blended at school, sports, etc. We were of different religions and no one cared what someone was, just that they were good people. I still think most people were and are like we were then. I still think most people are good and want the best for family, friends and others.  However this emphasis on division of groups is the opposite of “E Pluribus Unum”—from many one. It becomes tribalism and Balkanizes our country. I love differences in people, cuisine, customs, etc. Friends of all colors, cultures, religions, etc. are great to have and from which to learn.

I know some people who will not talk to even close relatives because they are of a different “persuasion” whether orientation, color, political party, etc. This is the opposite of what our wonderful country is founded on. Open dialogue, free speech is what is needed. Truly listen to one another. My beloved father taught me that I should look at both sides of issues or I could be brainwashed. Listen and read from all sides whether from different parties, TV, radio, science (e.g. climate, evolution).

We are continually inundated with negativity from the media. Everything is a crisis because crisis sell news. The MSM mention mass murders, yet ignore the more deadly daily killings in places like Chicago. I have heard that we only have so much time to save the planet from Malthus in 1798 to Paul Erhlich’s “Population Bomb” to Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”…all stating we will die soon. We have lived much past each prediction. Negativity leads people to suicide, murder, depression, etc.

Fifty percent of the worlds population have been lifted out of poverty in the last 15 years. More people have been given clean water in developing countries than ever before. People have more food to eat in developing countries. Why aren’t the good things that are happening reported on more?

I pray that we change to the positive with all people!


Ken Krueger

Foster Faith, Family, Freedom, and Friends!