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(Photo courtesy: Hugs OK)

HUGS O.K. Launches Clothing Company to Fight Social Distancing

Giving people the chance to express their desire to return to normal greetings, HUGS O.K. hopes to bring people together and discourage emotional combustion

San Diego CA— As social distancing continues to be enforced and views on how to live responsibly continue to polarize, HUGS O.K. , a local San Diego brand, takes a rather unprecedented stance. Announcing their launch on Tuesday, May 26th, founders Dave Wojnicki and Mike Peterson hope to address the ever-growing separation between friends and family.

Their brand makes a clear statement for anyone wearing them that while it is important to respect the current guidelines, it is equally important to keep hugs and physical contact a part of our lives. “I would encourage people to not let the current regulations dehumanize them,” Peterson said. “If people stop hugging and shaking hands and are living in fear, we lose what it means to be human.”

The two founders launched the apparel brand, Hugs O.K., after having countless awkward interactions with friends and family. Never knowing whether to hug or wave from afar, Wojnicki and Peterson addressed their issue with a wearable solution. Their slogan, “I’m good with it if you are” asks and gives permission while respecting the differences in opinions.

While the company hopes social awkwardness will fade on its own, Peterson and Wojnicki fear living in a world where social interaction is discouraged. “We understand that what we are doing will rub some people the wrong way, but we are trying to create a brand that brings people together instead of forcing them apart out of fear and frustration,” Wojnicki said.