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Sunday Serial: Haunted Bones-Chapter 16


When the officers returned from lunch, they met Lieutenant Hastings in the squad room. It was unusual for him to be there on a Sunday afternoon. But he knew Danny and Joe were working and wanted to get a handle on their progress.

“How did the search warrant go this morning?” Hastings asked.

“Great! We put the fear of God in him. He’ll break,” Danny said, assuredly.”

“Tear the place up?”

“Didn’t rip anything apart, but, yeah, we left a mess,” Joe chimed in. “Mrs. Dobbins wasn’t too pleased, but that’s what we wanted. She’ll be more upset with her husband because he’s the one who actually caused it.”

“Think so?” Hastings asked.

“I do,” Danny reckoned. “Besides, I think their marriage is on the rocks. I could sense it by the look on her face and in her eyes. I think since our interview with her, she’s been asking her husband questions and getting runaround answers. Who knows, maybe the old man, Dr. Dobbins, said something that made her think twice about what happened.”

“By the way, how’s he doing?” Hastings asked.

“He remained quiet during the search. I pretty much stayed with him while it was going on. But his eyes did move around a lot. You could almost hear his mind clicking, but nothing came out,” Joe said.

“You got a tail on the son, right,” Hastings asked.

“We do. We told our guys to stay close. We wanted him to know we’re there. Sooner or later, he’ll mess up.”

“I assume you didn’t find the gun?”

“No, no we didn’t. But to tell you the truth I didn’t think we would. The intent was to scare him; letting him know we know. But we definitely got Mrs. Dobbins’ attention,” Danny said.

“Well, I hope your theory pans out. You back on the hotel case?”

“We are. Getting ready to run a detailed timeline, compare interviews — you know the gambit. We did get some new info on our boiler guy. It appears he was stuffed in the boiler sometime in mid-June, 1972.”

“Figured those boilers out, yet?” Hastings asked.

“We’ll be working on that, too,” Danny replied.

“Okay, good work. Keep plugging. Things seem to be coming together. You’ll come up with something.”

“I hope so. This case has really been a bombshell,” Danny said.

Later that afternoon while going over the hotel time-line, Joe dropped his pen and began rubbing his tired eyes. Last night’s dinner and wine were catching up with him. Danny laughed, making some off-color joke. Joe just shook his head. After some idle chit-chat over nothing, Joe’s cell phone rang. He picked it up off the desk and looked at the number before answering. It was Del Torrance.

“I wonder what the hell he wants,” Joe said.

“Won’t know ‘til you answer it.”

It was a very short conversation. All Danny heard Joe say was, “Okay Del, calm down. We’re on our way. We’ll be there in ten.”

“Now what?”

“Del was upset, real upset.”

“I think I could figure that out,” said, half-chuckling. “What’s he upset about?”

“Pardner, we got more trouble. Del just found another body in that apartment building he was tearing down. Another mummy!”

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