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Yuka, Europe’s Most Popular Health App, Launches in the United States

With more than 18 million users worldwide, Yuka launches with detailed information for thousands of American food and cosmetic products

Paris FR—One of Europe’s most popular apps is coming to the US to help Americans make the right choices for their health by simply scanning the barcodes of food and personal care products. Yuka app deciphers labels to provide clear, real-time analysis of products, based on a healthy diet and the potential risk of some ingredients. When a product has bad grade, Yuka also recommends similar but healthier alternatives.

Yuka is 100% Independent

Product reviews and recommendations of healthier alternatives are done in an impartial way via analysis of our database to determine the highest scoring similar products. No brand or manufacturer can influence our recommendations in any way. Furthermore, there is no in-app advertising. Yuka generates revenue from the premium version that offers access to additional
features, as well as from its online Nutrition Program (currently only in French).

Real big success in Europe

Launched in France in January 2017, Yuka now has 18 million users and is available in 8 other countries : United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Luxembourg. Five million barcodes are being scanned on Yuka every day.

Proven impact on users and brands

A recent survey (https://yuka.io/en/social-impact/) of 230 000 Yuka users showed that Yuka not only helps users make more informed choices, but also contributes to put nutrition at the heart of the consumer’s concerns again. Many brands have responded to this increased consumer awareness by reformulating their products with healthier ingredients.

An extensive database

Yuka has been building its own database which currently has 1.5 million products registered (including 70% of food products and 30% of cosmetic products). Yuka recognizes 75% of the products available in the US. For those that aren’t in Yuka’s database, users have the possibility to add them by uploading pictures of the product into the app. This will allow Yuka to have an even more
comprehensive database of products sold in the United States. A tight control system has been put in place to ensure the information that appears in the app is correct.

About Yuka

Yuka is managed by a devoted team of 12 people committed to helping consumers make healthier and more informed choices. Since its launch, Yuka has grown exponentially without advertising, only through word of mouth and media coverage. You can learn more about Yuka at yuka.io/en