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(Photo courtesy: SeaWorld San Diego)

SeaWorld-San Diego Continues to Come to the Rescue

San Diego CA— SeaWorld’s Rescue Team continues its important work of helping animals in need along the San Diego coastline. Just in the last two weeks, SeaWorld returned six harbor seals, five elephant seals and four California sea lions to the ocean for a second chance at life. SeaWorld’s team had rescued the animals from local beaches, where they were found extremely emaciated, thin, and malnourished.

These marine mammals spent approximately four to six weeks at SeaWorld, receiving expert care and rehabilitation at the park’s Animal Health and Rescue Center. Once they gained sufficient weight and received a clean bill of health from the park’s veterinary team, the seals and sea lions were ready to return to the wild.

So far in 2020, SeaWorld San Diego has rescued more than 90 marine mammals and more than 250 birds.

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