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Sunday Serial: Haunted Bones-Chapter 19

“Dad and Momma were having a bad fight in the kitchen. There was a lot of screaming. I stood in the doorway and saw him hit Momma up against the stove. She grabbed an iron pan to defend herself. My father backed off and took a drink of liquor and laughed at her. He put the bottle down and moved towards her. Before he could get his hands on her, Jimmy appeared out of nowhere and whacked him upside the back of the head with a baseball bat. I will never forget that sound. It was the hollowest sound I’d ever heard.

“He fell forward into Momma and hit the floor like a sack of potatoes. Jimmy just stood over him ready for him to move again. He didn’t. Momma took the bat from him and told him to go into his room.”

“And you saw all of this?”

“With my own very eyes.” Beatrice took another sip of water.

“Your brother, he was twelve at the time.”

“Yes, I think he was.”

“Did he know what he was doing?”

“He knew well enough to know that Dad was going to hurt Momma. Jimmy wasn’t going to let that happen.”

“Your brother died back on June 8, 2010. That right?”

“Uh … well yes. He did.” This caught Beatrice totally off guard. She quickly realized the detective knew more than he was letting on. It was in her best interest to keep telling the truth.

“Your mother didn’t call the cops, did she?”

“No, no she didn’t. It wouldn’t have been in her best interest.”

“Because she was a house madam, correct?”

“As I later learned, yes.”

“You just decided to hide the body, correct?”

“Yes. As I understand it we were getting ready to move anyway.”

“And Jimmy wrapped him up as a mummy, that right?”

“Uh … well, yes.”

“His savant skills were in science, yes?”

“Uh, yes they were.”

“Your Momma suggested this? To wrap him as a mummy?”

“No, she didn’t suggest it. Jimmy did. He came back into the kitchen and suggested it. He said he knew how to do it. He seemed to know what was going on. Please understand, I was only five years old at the time. I really didn’t know what was going on. Momma sent me to my room and told me to be quiet. I really don’t know what happened after that. All I knew was men folk came to rescue Momma.”

“But later, you asked your momma about the story? That correct?”

“I suppose. Jimmy had also taken an interest in ancient Egyptian history and told Momma he could hide the body for her. He would wrap the body like a mummy and they could hide it in the chimney, sort of like back in the Egyptian days and the pyramids.”

“And your momma listened to him?”

“Looks like it, huh detective?” There were a few laughs from everybody mostly from Aaron and Seth.

“I guess it sounded like a good idea to them at the time. She knew some men who could stuff him in the chimney and brick it up. I guess that was the plan. Momma didn’t talk all that much about it.”

“So you left the apartment building?”

“We did. Moved to the GP. I thought it was fun.”

“No more beatings from your father?”

“Hell! He was dead. Life got better.”

“Until 1966.”

“Uh … 1966?” Bea had a surprised look on her face.

“Yes, 1966,” Danny repeated. “That’s when the second mummy appeared. You care to elaborate on that? You were now twenty-nine years old. You knew something.”

“No! Beatrice didn’t know anything. But I did,” Seth said interrupting, almost yelling. This took Danny by surprise.

“Well, okay tell me,” Danny said calmly.

“Beatrice was away from the hotel that weekend.”


“There was trouble in one of the rooms with one of the girls.”


“No, well, yeah, but they were our girls.”

“Okay then…”

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