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Oceanside Resident and Discovery Channel Host, Luke Tipple Launches, Kickstarter Campaign for whipr

Oceanside CA— Whipr wants to be known as the world’s first truly portable, three-in-one paddle, ski and rowing machine. Its revolutionary patent pending design completely replaces the need for big, bulky rowing and ERG (cardio resistance) machines. Get a full sized workout then store it next to your sneakers, all for around 10% of the cost of comparable machines.

Whipr is creating a buzz in the fitness world and as fitness celebrities and coaches see the potential in a compact ERG machine for home use, travel, bootcamps and for personal coaching. It’s also earned the interest of former NASA Scientist and YouTube phenomenon Mark Rober. His channel has nearly 13 million subscribers and whipr is featured in his latest Shark Week 2020 video.

The founder of whipr is marine biologist, television host and Discovery Channel personality Luke Tipple. He’s spent the last 20 years traveling the globe chasing down sharks and adventure. Luke is a regular face of Shark Week and Discovery Nature, as well as hosting such survival game shows as Capture (CW, 2013) and Opposite Worlds (syfy, 2014). Luke is an avid fitness enthusiast but faced challenges staying fit when on the road saying; “There I was, staring down yet another dirty hotel gym with broken equipment and thinking, there’s got to be a better way to get a good full body cardio workout on the road! I looked everywhere for a portable rowing, ski or paddling machine and couldn’t find one, so I teamed up with some really smart people to build one that does all three.”

Tipple recruited the engineering team at Shape products, a world class design firm in Canada, who took on his challenge to create a truly portable machine that delivers a realistic experience
in the most compact form factor possible.

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Whipr measures just six inches by six inches and weighs around six pounds. It’s available with a range of accessories that enable each modality, all of which are designed for compact storage and travel. Whipr is TSA friendly and can fly as carry on luggage. But whipr is not just for travel. Since the COVID-19 outbreak gym-goers have increasingly been looking for ways to work out at home and outdoors. Whipr answers that call by creating a cost effective solution that fits into any home workout space, or can be taken outside for bootcamps and client training sessions.

Today, whipr is launching their Kickstarter campaign with hopes of reaching audiences all over the world. Kickstarter backers will have the chance to save up to 43% off the expected retail
price of $349 and, since the supply chains are already in place, delivery is expected within 4 months of the campaign.

Learn more at https://whipr.com

Follow whipr’s progress on social media with the hashtag #getwhiprfit