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Kriss Stewart with school kits (courtesy photo)

Assistance League of North Coast is Helping Kids Get Ready for School

San Diego County CA— Kriss Stewart, Philanthropic chairperson for Assistance League of North Coast chapter, had a zoom meeting with the chairs of each of 12 areas of our Operation School Bell Program to discuss what we could do to help children at risk to prepare for learning at home during this unusual time. The decision was made to create “School at Home Kits” which each contains: a white board, pen and eraser, spiral notebook, 2 pencils, pencil sharpener, two pencil erasers, crayons, tissue pack and a head set to use with the students’ tablets.

A message went out to members of our chapter for donations of notebooks and crayons and the rest of the items were purchased for $5,000. Within one week Sue Paloutzian organized 24 members who met and bagged 800 kits which equal $15.00 each. The kits will be distributed to students at elementary schools in Oceanside, Carlsbad and Vista by members who are part of our school advocate program.

The kits also included a poem written collaboratively by members of the Philanthropic leadership.

Wishing You Success:

Not being in your classroom may seem unfair

But know that your teachers truly care

On-line learning at home is the plan

Soon you will be proficient and a real fan

Don’t let the Corona virus make you blue

Children around the world are facing challenges just like you

The medical experts are working on a cure

Making covid 19 a thing of the past for sure

Until then follow the rules,

Study hard, stay safe and you’ll be real cool

Assistance League supports students in need

We hope these supplies help you to succeed

We root for you as you make your mark

Your will be successful because you are smart