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(Photo courtesy: EarthPunk)

Oceanside Homeschool Teens Start Sustainable Fashion Company

Oceanside CA— Two San Diego best friends Belle and Eva recently launched a sustainable fashion accessories company called EarthPunk to fight fast fashion and inspire sustainable alternatives. Fast Fashion is the second biggest polluter in the world, second only to oil!

(Photo courtesy: EarthPunk)

Belle Morelock explains; What is Fast Fashion? Fast Fashion is cheap apparel mass produced with the idea in mind that it will only be worn a few times, for a season, then replaced with the next season’s trendy selection. And we think that not enough people are aware of the negative polluting and social impacts of this decades old behavior. By raising awareness, we hope to make a difference!

Eva and I launched our company with our first product just a few weeks ago. We hand-make high-quality earrings from upcycling buttons. We seek out and carefully select each upcycled button from articles of clothing headed to the landfill. While many fabrics that these clothes are made from can decompose, the buttons attached won’t.

It took us a lot of time, trial and testing to come up with a process to make these unique, one of a kind, super cute earrings as comfortable and durable as possible. We hope they last for years, not just a season! And we hope you can help us in the fight against fast fashion by making people aware of this issue and keeping these cute little buttons out of the dirt and in use.

As today’s youth, we have the responsibility and the power to impact our own future and future generations by fighting to protect our environment. We hope to inspire positive action toward sustainability, especially in Fashion where we really need more awareness and action.

To learn more visit: EarthPunk.Store

Instagram: Earth_Punk_Accessories

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