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San Diego Humane Society’s Dr. Gary Weitzman Presents Two New How-to Books at Virtual Event with Warwick’s

Titles feature best practices for families training their dogs and cats

La Jolla CA— On Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. Warwick’s in La Jolla will host veterinarian and San Diego Humane Society President and CEO, Dr. Gary Weitzman, who will present his two new

Gary Weitzman with dogs Jake and Betty

Gary Weitzman with Jake and Betty (courtesy photo)

companion titles to help families seeking the best tips and tricks for training their furry best friends. Titles include Fetch! A How to Speak Dog Training Guide and Pounce! A How To Speak Cat Training Guide (National Geographic Kids Books, ages 8-12). This is a free Facebook Live virtual event for pet owners around the world to tune-in, listen, learn and enjoy.

Brian Daugherty, senior vice president and chief philanthropy & communications officer with San Diego Humane Society will interview Dr. Weitzman during this event. Also, joining the conversation will be Amanda Kowlaski, SDHS’ director of behavior programs. Kowlaski served as an expert reviewer for the books.

With the pet adoption and ownership “boom” linked to COVID-19 quarantining, Dr. Weitzman will present information on responsible pet care, ownership and training. Attendees are guaranteed to walk away with the following takeaways to solve any pet training conundrum:

  • How do I decode my dog’s behavior so I know when it’s good (or bad) timing to train them?
  • How do I keep my dog calm?
  • When is it a good idea to give my dog a treat? What kinds of treats would you recommend?
  • What kind of leashes do you recommend?
  • Why is there no such thing as a bad dog? Should I punish my dog for bad behavior?
  • What should I do about: Leash pulling, jumping on guests and “accidents” in the house
  • Can you really train a cat?
  • How do I get my cat into their cat carrier?
  • What does it mean when my cat’s tail swishes a lot?
  • How do I solve my cat’s: chewing, urinating outside the kitty litter box, going crazy at night etc…?
  • What are hunting games? Why are they important for cats?

From talking about best treats, leashes and training tools to sage advice on common pet stressors and safe training techniques Dr. Weitzman, a nationally recognized animal welfare expert, will work to answer these questions and concerns that many pet parents have no matter how long they’ve had their furry friend.

“Now is the time for new or seasoned pet owners to not only learn about responsible pet care, but also for parents and guardians to teach their young children the importance of training and overall pet ownership,” says Dr. Weitzman. “We’ve seen an increase in adoptions across the board, especially for puppies and kittens to keep children at home active and engaged. But it’s crucial that when we bring those new friends home to give them the proper training and care they need and deserve.”

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San Diego Humane Society’s scope of social responsibility goes beyond adopting animals. We offer programs that strengthen the human animal bond, prevent cruelty and neglect, provide medical care, educate the community and serve as a safety net for all pet families. Serving San Diego County since 1880, San Diego Humane Society has campuses in El Cajon, Escondido, Oceanside, San Diego and Ramona. For more information, please visit sdhumane.org.

Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA, President and CEO, San Diego Humane Society

Gary Weitzman joined San Diego Humane Society as its President and CEO in 2012. A Certified Animal Welfare Administrator, he has served as Chair of the Board of the Association for Animal Welfare Advancement and is currently a board member of the California Animal Welfare Association (CalAnimals), Shelter Animals Count, and Mama’s Kitchen, a San Diego nonprofit committed to providing food for people with chronic illnesses.  An Air Force veteran, he earned a double BA in Biology and English from Colby College, a Master’s in International Public Health from Boston University and his DVM from Tufts’ Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Weitzman was the former co-host of the nationally distributed public radio program The Animal House which ran for 7 years, and is the author of eight books published by National Geographic: Everything Dogs, How to Speak Dog, How to Speak Cat, The Complete Guide to Pet Health, Behavior, and Happiness and from National Geographic Kids are Dog Breed Guide, and Cat Breed Guide. His latest books from National Geographic on dog and cat behavior are Fetch! and Pounce! which were released in August 2020.