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Commercial and Industrial Property Owner Forums on the Smart and Sustainable Corridors Specific Plan

Oceanside CA— In early 2020, the City of Oceanside began the simultaneous process of completing its General Plan Update, creating a Smart and Sustainable Corridors Plan, and developing a community plan for South Morro Hills. Through a Smart and Sustainable Corridors Plan (SSCP), the City will seek to channel future housing and employment growth into the City’s commercial corridors while maintaining the integrity of adjacent residential neighborhoods.  Largely funded by a state grant, the SSCP will identify ways to facilitate infill and redevelopment along Mission Avenue, Oceanside Boulevard, and Vista Way.  The SSCP will also consider public realm improvements that better accommodate public transit and active transportation, consistent with “complete streets” principles and regional policies that seek to reduce reliance on the private automobile. The Onward Oceanside website was developed to learn more about these projects.

The City of Oceanside will host virtual forums with owners of commercial and industrial property within the study area of the Smart & Sustainable Corridors Plan (SSCSP), a Caltrans-supported long-range planning document that seeks to facilitate housing and employment growth within the City’s major commercial corridors. These forums are intended to acquaint commercial and industrial property owners with the purpose and intent of the SSCSP and solicit input on higher and better use of properties within the study area. In particular, the City is interested in engaging commercial and industrial property owners on the prospect of pursuing midrise mixed-use projects that contribute to the City’s housing stock while providing additional market demand for local commercial goods and services.

Separate forums will be held for the Mission Ave/Highway 76 corridor, the Oceanside Boulevard corridor, and the Vista Way/Highway 78 corridor.

  • The forum on the Mission Ave/Highway 76 corridor occurs on October 28 at 1:00pm.
  • The forum on the Oceanside Boulevard corridor occurs on October 29 at 10:00am.
  • The forum on the Vista Way/Highway 78 corridor occurs on October 29 at 1:00pm.

All of the forums will be conducted through a teleconferencing application. Those who RSVP will be provided a meeting link via email. Commercial and industrial property owners can RSVP and direct questions and comments to Principal Planner Russ Cunningham at rcunningham@oceansideca.org.

These commercial and industrial property owner forums are part of a sequential outreach approach that is assisting the project team in identifying and organizing issues that they will soon broach with the community at-large. Stakeholders can reach out to us anytime for one-on-one and small group discussion at (760) 435-3525.

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