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Letters to the Editor- Oceansiders, when I said “Win or lose, I’m not going anywhere…” you know I mean it!

I would hate another opportunity to slip through our fingers, we have an opportunity to take advantage of utilizing NCTD’s right-of-way if we can get the board to make deviations to their current plans. They plan to vote on the current plan during the board meeting on December 17th!

Nothing like the present to make this happen for Oceanside! We need to contact Mayor Sanchez (now our representative to NCTD) to stop the “train” from moving forward on fencing off areas we desperately need for our community. Unfortunately, our previous representative did not think to ask the community their needs, rather signed off on NCTD’s proposal. Please read on and take action!

Proposal for NCTD right of ways – fencing project. Please see the proposal at https://gonctd.com/about-nctd/safety-security/trespasser-mitigation/proposed-fencing-project/

The fencing in red is what NCTD is proposing for the South O area.

We need to let them know we would like a deviation to their plan. Esther Sanchez is now our representative to NCTD, she can ask for the changes on our behalf!

Please send an email to Honorable Mayor Esther Sanchez and NCTD Board asking for deviations to their plans!












We think we have a better plan! Check out the proposed areas in blue – they are community driven ideas for South O.

Click on photos to enlarge images

#1: Add diagonal parking along Broadway from Lion’s Park to Morse St.

#2: Align fence with current fencing at Lion’s Park – run north to Morse St.

#3: Use area west of tracks between Cassidy and Morse St. to expand rail trail from Cassidy to Morse St. to meet the new proposed rail trail across Loma Alta Creek. Add diagonal parking along S. Myers from Cassidy to Morse St.

#4: Leave BMX biking area or/and add other community uses (passive) along the east side of tracks between Lion’s Park and Morse St.

#5: Add foot path to the Loma Alta Mash Footpath for neighborhood use (discourage crossing tracks).

Let’s not let this opportunity slip by – our residents and businesses deserve better! More parking, better beach access, BMX course/open space, and an improved rail trail along S. Myers Street!

Please contact Esther Sanchez and board members and let’s make this happen!

Shari Mackin, former deputy mayor

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