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Survey Available and Virtual Workshops Planned In Support of Oceanside’s General Plan Update

Oceanside CA— In early 2020, the City of Oceanside began the simultaneous process of completing its General Plan Update, creating a Smart and Sustainable Corridors Plan, and developing a community plan for South Morro Hills.  Through a Smart and Sustainable Corridors Plan (SSCP), the City will seek to channel future housing and employment growth into the City’s commercial corridors while maintaining the integrity of adjacent residential neighborhoods.

Some specific project milestones have been reached

  • A draft policy framework for the South Morro Hills Community Plan. The draft policy framework will be shared with the community in the near future, and a community workshop will be scheduled to gather public input on the draft document.
  • The project team conducted 16 virtual panel discussions with experts on a wide range of topics – e.g., housing, mobility, safety, public facilities, natural resource conservation, urban design.  A summary of these panel discussions is available here and on the project webpage.
  • The project team held three virtual forums with owners of non-residential property within the study area boundaries of the Smart and Sustainable Corridors Plan.  Summaries of these property owner forums are available here and on the project webpage.
  • In coordination with the Oceanside Unified School District, the project team held a virtual panel discussion with students at Oceanside High School and El Camino High School.  Students offered insight on the safety and security of public spaces, housing opportunities, mobility options, and other key issues. A summary of this discussion is available here and on the project webpage.
  • The project team is completing technical studies addressing the local economy, land use, mobility, natural hazards, infrastructure needs, sensitive habitat and open space, historic resources, environmental justice, and other key issues.

A number of additional outreach activities are occurring or being planned

  • An online survey is available for your input on community values and priorities. The survey will be available until the end of the year.
  • Online survey and technical study findings will provide the basis for preliminary General Plan themes, goals, and policies that will be shared at forthcoming virtual community workshops scheduled for January. These workshops will each address the following components of the General Plan:
  • January 12: Land use (including agricultural use), mobility, and noise
  • January 13: Community facilities, conservation/open space (including agricultural use), and safety
  • January 19: Housing

Please visit the Onward Oceanside project webpage for more information, to sign up for updates, and to participate.

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