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Optima Office, Inc Expands Into Larger Office Space

San Diego CAOptima Office, Inc. has expanded its office space from 2400 square feet to 3500 square feet in University City. As an essential business, the company knows that businesses will continue to rely on the fractional model in the coming years, and due to the pandemic that need for fractional accounting and HR services will likely increase. The company continues to grow and is confident that it will want employees onsite as much as possible in 2021. The additional space will accommodate their growing team while allowing ample room for social distancing.

Now with 70 employees, Optima Office continues their journey of being the top outsourced accounting, human resources, and fractional CFO services firm in the region. Over the past two years, they have grown to service close to 200 clients in a wide range of industries.

“Expanding was not a risky decision in my view”, says Optima Office CEO Jennifer Barnes. “Although the lease was negotiated during the pandemic, the high demand for this area and it being walking distance to my house made this a no brainer. Yes, more people will want to work remote, and we are fine with that and will continue to give our team a flexible schedule, but we know that the need to be in person is there.”

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