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Oceanside COVID-19 Emergency Rent and Utility Assistance Program

Oceanside CA—On January 6, 2021, the Oceanside City Council approved additional grant funds in the amount of $300,000 to assist Oceanside residents financially impacted by the Coronavirus.  The City of Oceanside provides one-time grants to Oceanside households to cover up to three months of rent and utility assistance for eligible households financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications will be accepted and reviewed until funds have been depleted.

Applicants must have experienced documented financial hardship directly related to COVID-19. This includes job loss, reduced hours and income due to COVID-19, being COVID-19 positive and unable to work, caring for someone with COVID-19 and/or have experienced an increase in medical expenses incurred as a direct result of COVID-19.

Applicants must not receive any other forms of rental subsidy such as Section 8 or other rental assistance programs, rapid rehousing assistance, or rental assistance from non-profit agencies.  Only one application per residence is permitted. Previous recipients of Oceanside’s Emergency Rental & Utility Assistance Program are not eligible.

Emergency assistance payments are made directly to landlords and utility providers on behalf of the applicant household. The applicant’s landlord must agree to participate in the program to process the one-time emergency rental assistance grant.

For eligibility information and application, please visit the City’s Housing website: https://www.ci.oceanside.ca.us/gov/ns/housing/default.asp.  For questions, please email Oceanside-ERUAP@oceansideca.org.

For food and other resources, small business grants, and more, please visit the City of Oceanside COVID-19 webpage.

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