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Family of Six Displaced after Fire Damages Oceanside Duplex

Oceanside CA— Monday evening just after 7:00pm, Oceanside Fire Department units responded to a working structure fire in a condo duplex located 250 Holiday Way, in Oceanside. Engine 215 (E215) arrived on scene approximately four minutes after the initial dispatch and found heavy smoke and flames coming out of the window in the upstairs bedroom on the rear of the unit.

E215 firefighters pulled an attack line and went into the building to conduct a search for any potential victims and to extinguish the fire. E217 arrived second and laid approximately 400 feet of 4” hose from a hydrant at the street to supply E215 with water.

Firefighters cleared the residence and were able to contain the fire to the back bedroom. Other crews checked the adjoining units to check for extension and found none.

Firefighters were able to rescue a guinea pig and reunite the family pet with the residents. A family of six, two adults and four children, were displaced from their home. The American Red Cross was contacted to assist with temporary shelter.

Fortunately, there were no injuries to any civilians or firefighters.

The fire is currently under investigation.

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