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Borre Winckel to Step Down as Head of Building Industry Assoication of San Diego County

San Diego CA— Borre Winckel, the President and CEO of the Building Industry Assoication of San Diego County, announced today that he’s stepping down from his post later this year in order to spend more time with his family.

“My entire career was devoted to bringing housing costs down,” Winckel said. “Despite my best efforts, the outcome was often a partial decrease in supply and an increase in costs, usually due to well-intended but misguided state regulations. I feel strongly that everyone should have access to a home, and San Diegans should have many more housing options to choose from than what the market supplies. I keep hoping that enough consensus can be reached to solve our housing crisis through more supply. This will take bold political leadership and compromise. If not, housing will remain a talking point, not an action item.”

Winckel spent the last dozen years as head of the BIA, the region’s voice on housing. Prior to that, he guided Riverside County through its explosive growth as the Executive Director of the Riverside County BIA, where he worked from 1996-2008.

Winckel’s retirement will take effect mid-year. Until then, he will continue to lead the organization while working with the BIA board to find his replacement. A search committee has been formed and applications are being accepted.

The organization’s next leader will direct a multi-pronged approach to lower housing costs and create more supply by spearheading the BIA’s new “Housing for All San Diegans” Initiative, with a focus on market rate housing for working families and affordable housing for low-income families.

“It’s a fascinating time for the BIA and an excellent opportunity for someone to step in and help San Diegans find a home,” Winckel said.

Winckel built a reputation as housing champion. He is affable and well-liked by leaders across the political spectrum, labor leaders, and his staff.

“Borre artfully guided our association through the most difficult of times during the Great Recession,” said BIA Vice President Matt Adams. “His leadership and passion are immeasurable. I wish him all the best as he moves into the next stage of his amazing life.”

Winckel and his team successfully defeated a countywide no-growth measure in 2020.

“That was a highlight,” he said.

There were many.

In 2017, Winckel was inducted into the California Homebuilding Foundation’s Hall of Fame for his tireless housing advocacy.

A venerable fundraiser for the BIA, Winckel ushered in several new techniques and revenue streams that generated tens of millions of dollars for housing efforts. He also is known as a selfless leader who always put the organization first.

“Borre joined the BIA in 2008 at a time when, as a result of the recession, membership and cash flows were hemorrhaging,” said Jim Schmid, CEO of Chelsea Investment Corporation and former BIA Board Chair. “Borre was able to reduce costs, stabilize membership, and restructure dues and income to ensure the BIA’s viability for the long term.”

“Borre has been the heart and soul of the San Diego Building Industry Association for more than a dozen years,” said Alex Plishner, Senior VP at Lennar and BIA’s Board Chairman. “He is highly respected not only by his peers, but also by our public officials, many of whom seek out his advice. Borre is a visionary for progress in our county. We will have such a difficult time replicating his undying passion and dedication to preserve the right to build more homes in a continued supply strapped region. We will miss him greatly.”

Born in the Netherlands, Winckel arrived in the U.S. in 1977 following his family’s acquisition of property in Riverside County. Educated at Boston University with dual degrees in Print Journalism and Public Communication, Winckel initially joined Chase Manhattan Bank’s New York City Head Office as a Press Spokesman and Speechwriter. Chase found him better suited for banking and placed him in their corporate finance credit training program on Wall Street. Thereafter, his mixed-use land development activities led him to the Riverside County BIA.

Winckel is a resident of San Juan Capistrano and is married to Kay Sutton-Nagel. The couple has three children, Emilie, Sophie and George, Jr.

“I’ve been promising my wife we would spend more time together,” Winckel said. “This is a fantastic job and I’m surrounded by a brilliant and driven team of housing heroes, but it’s time.”

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