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Rescu Emergency Alert Launches in San Diego to Help Save Lives

San Diego CA—  Rescu, an emergency alert app that connects people directly to certified emergency dispatchers, launches today in San Diego.

Unlike 9-1-1, the Rescu app does not require speaking to a dispatcher, meaning a user can silently send for help in Rescu’s mobile app interface if an intruder enters their home or request an ambulance in the event of a medical emergency that hinders their ability to speak. Rescu is the most efficient way to get emergency help during an emergency.

Rescu was created by the founders of Alarm Relay, a family-owned security and alarm monitoring business. When Paolo Piscatelli’s father, Paul Piscatelli, had a medical emergency and called 9-1-1, pain made it near impossible for him to talk, delaying the arrival of an ambulance. Paul eventually got the medical attention he needed and after he recovered, he and his son were inspired to create a solution that offered a faster way to get help. They created the Rescu app that eliminates the time wasted communicating address and personal information to traditional 9-1-1 verbally on a phone call. Instead, location and other data can be pre-programmed into the app, and Rescu offers the ability to select the nature of the emergency, Fire, Police, or Ambulance services, with just one click. The app also automatically sends a text message instantly notifying family members and emergency contacts.

Paolo Piscatelli, CEO of Rescu, shares “When you are in medical trouble, you want to get help immediately because time is very precious. With heart attacks, strokes, and other emergencies, a single minute can be the difference between life and death. While 9-1-1 is a good service, people call for many different reasons, both emergency and non-emergency calls. The dispatcher needs to ask a number of questions to verify that it is an emergency, personal information, what type of service is needed, and the location of the caller. If the person is unable to answer or there are other factors that make verbal communication difficult, they might not get the help they need. It took over 30 minutes for an Ambulance to respond to my Dad. That’s unacceptable! Rescu enables you to get the help you need, no time wasted. Bypass the traditional 9-1-1 call flow, questioning and routing processes with a faster solution during an emergency on your smartphone.”

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