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Child Author Jude Evans Published Music Lovers Alphabet Book “BANDS by Jude”

This alphabet book features 26 bright and bold illustrations of author Jude Evan’s favorite indie bands to help the youngest readers rock out and learn their ABCs

San Diego CABANDS by Jude, an alphabet book featuring popular rock and indie bands, is the debut book by child author Jude Evans. Realizing there were not any kids book about famous bands, Jude worked with San Diego-based artist Chloe Becky, to create 26 illustrations of Jude’s favorite bands each representing a different letter. The idea of BANDS by Jude began with a simple question several years ago.

“One night when my dad was reading to me, I asked him if there were any books about my favorite bands at the time,” says Jude Evans, author of BANDS by Jude. “When I realized there were not any, I decided to make one so that other kids like me could read and enjoy.”

Jude’s passion for music started at a young age with his birthday wish list being annually filled with vinyl records and has long enjoyed going to concerts and music festivals such as Coachella which he has attended five times. At just the age of three when he was learning to read, he asked his dad, Marq Evans, if there was an ABC book with some of his favorite indie bands that include Acrtic Monkeys, Jaguar Ma, Modest Mouse, Tame Impala, Vampire Weekend, that also said where each band was from. Jude realized that kind of book didn’t exist, so he decided to make it himself at just the age of three taking inspiration from the popular kids book What Do You Do with An Idea by Kobi Yamada.

A child of entrepreneur parents, Marq and Angela Evans, Jude grew up watching both his parents follow their passions and with their help, Jude began the seven-year journey of creating his first book. Jude tapped the talent of San Diego-based artist Chloe Becky and, in collaboration, filled the book with gorgeous illustrations and bold colors that highlighted the band name and where the band is from. Readers of all ages will embark on a journey of musical discovery.

Now, at the age of ten, the published author spends his free time collecting vinyl records from some of his favorite bands and plays in four punk bands. Jude says he is not done creating and has future aspirations of writing a book and creating a movie.

BANDS by Jude is an alphabet book for music lovers that will have the littlest learners rocking their ABCs and is available for purchase for $16.99 and can be purchased here. Individual 12×12 prints of each letter are also available for purchase for $25 each here. To learn more about BANDS by Jude and to watch the book trailer, visit bandsbyjude.com.

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