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Lightning Sparks Fire in Oceanside

Oceanside CA— This afternoon, April 1, 2021,  Oceanside Fire Department Engine 218 (E218) was responding back to their station when they witnessed a lightening strike in the distance. Within a few seconds after the strike they saw flames and smoke starting to billow from the area. E218 requested a full structure fire response, not knowing exactly what was burning.

On arrival, E218 found several trees behind the homes on Auburn Av. torching, with flames 40-50 in the air from the trees. The lightning also caught the surrounds brush and grass on fire. E218 quickly pulled hoselines to the rear of the homes and began defending the structures from the fire. Several units also were redirected to the Albertson’s shopping complex for better access.

The fire burned approximately a quarter acre of brush and trees as well as some fencing along the rear of the homes on Auburn Av. Fortunately no homes were burned and the damage was limited to the back-yard fencing and some gates that firefighters had to break through to gain access.

The fire was fully contained and mopped up roughly an hour after units first arrived. No civilians or firefighters were injured.

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