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Solutions for Change Revolutionizing how Communities Overcome Poverty and Homelessness

The newly rebranded organization is leveling up its fight against the homelessness epidemic and calls upon the community to “Join the Fight.”

Vista CA— According to the United States Census Bureau, more than 20 million people across the U.S. are reported to be stuck in extreme poverty, many of whom churn in and out of homelessness, substance use and mental anguish. This Churn keeps generations trapped in cycles of suffering while diminishing the humanity of entire communities. As poverty rates continue to climb, Solutions for Change is stepping forward with a revolutionary process that crushes The Churn of homelessness and poverty—for good.

“The need for permanent results to deep poverty and dependency is urgent, and we believe Solutions for Change has found a key piece to the puzzle. Solutions threw out the old playbooks that contain and control vulnerable people,” said former director of the American Safety Net and administrator of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Clarence Carter. “Solutions for Change replaced antiquated approaches to treating poverty with not just a new playbook, but an entirely new field of play. After decades of refinement, Solutions for Change now transforms the nation’s most vulnerable and dependent people into the most empowered, equipped and inspired Overcomers. SFC then deploys those Overcomers back into service to humanity on a mission to restore community. They’ve redefined compassion and it’s a beautiful thing.”

Solutions for Change solves the causes of poverty at their roots. SFC executes its life-transforming work through three dynamic social enterprises—a one-of-a-kind vocational trade academy, a workforce training aquaponics farm and a community-focused housing initiative. These enterprises work together to create an institute that repurposes the once deeply vulnerable and dependent into purpose-driven servant warriors for good.

“We’re here to show communities what can happen when the very least among us are seen and treated as the precious gems they are. They rebuild their lives based on a mission of restoring community,” said Chris Megison, cofounder, president and CEO of Solutions for Change. “For 22 years, we have been on a relentless mission to fundamentally change how America sees and acts on homelessness and poverty, and we are closing in on the end game.”

Those who graduate from Solutions Academy are called Overcomers, because they have conquered their struggles and now thrive in their new life. Overcomers take what they learn at Solutions and improve not only their own lives, but their communities as well. Thousands of people have claimed the title of Overcomer since Solutions for Change opened, but Megison and his team won’t be satisfied until every neighborhood in America has the weapons needed to crush The Churn and restore community.

“I get to see my dreams come true and I can live my ‘someday’ because Solutions for Change was willing to get down with me to solve the toughest parts of my life,” said Overcomer Rosalie Ortega. “You can’t put a Band-Aid on problems like addiction and homelessness. You have to commit to change. And no organization is more committed to change than Solutions. I’m thrilled to be a part of an organization that so successfully helps families and communities help themselves.”

Megison and the Solutions for Change team often say that “when the least of us become the best of us, we are one us.” This idea of unity through the uplifting of others drives everything Solutions for Change does.

“We won’t stop fighting until 10,000 Overcomers have been made, deployed and are leading a systems change movement that transforms how society sees and acts on serving the most vulnerable,” said Megison. “Maybe then we can call it a good fight, and rest.”

Join the Fight to make Overcomers and restore community by visiting solutionsforchange.org/jointhefight to donate, volunteer and learn more about Solutions for Change’s bold fight against The Churn.

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