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Coldwell Banker West Opens New Oceanside Office Inside a Tea Room in a Beneficial Partnership

Oceanside CA— Coldwell Banker West (CBW), one of San Diego County’s largest real estate brokerages with about 1,000 sales agents, has opened its newest office inside a tea room in Oceanside.

Peter Mendiola, CBW president (courtesy photo)

“We’ve dedicated ourselves to always adapt and remain innovative at the cutting edge of the real estate industry,” said Peter Mendiola, CBW president. “In this case, rather than the traditional real estate office setup with a receptionist in a lobby, conference rooms and scores of desks, we’re trying a new collaborative concept for the Oceanside market that still provides outstanding service to our agents and their clients plus the community. We believe it will be an overwhelming success.”

According to Jason Nagy, CBW Oceanside branch manger, Mendiola’s vision was to explore a beneficial collaboration with an Oceanside business that could offer available space for real estate business sales activities and was interested in growth opportunities following the government-imposed, COVID-related shutdowns, as well as receiving help with monthly rent and utilities.

“The lifestyle for realtors is always on the go, often working remotely, which means there is less demand for brokers to lease traditional real estate office space,” said Nagy. “Peter put me in charge of executing his vision of finding a win-win situation for this North County area. I believe we have found it with Bliss Tea & Treats.”

Located at the corner of Mission Avenue and North Cleveland Street, near a sushi bar, skateboard shop and yogurt shop, Bliss Tea & Treats at 301 Mission Blvd., Suite #101a, is a modern-day lounge and tea room that serves “an artisan tea experience,” as described by owner Rushell Gordon.

Rushell Gordon, owner of Bliss Tea & Treats (courtesy photo)

“We have selected teas based on their functional and nourishing qualities,” said Gordon, who grew up in Panama. “When it comes to tea, Americans miss out on a core experience that so many cultures around the world have enjoyed for decades. Tea is more than simply a drink, it’s a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. We’re big on sharing our love for good food and tea.” The menu also includes fresh-made desserts and artisan sandwiches.

Earlier this year, a Coldwell Banker West sign was added to the 1,500-square-foot Bliss Tea & Treats storefront. A private conference room also was added, along with a soundproof office pod for private phone calls and a large screen displaying available properties for easy viewing by walk-in tea patrons and passing pedestrians.

“Our agents consider Bliss Tea & Treats as a business hub where they can drop by, connect to Wi-Fi, make calls and have a cup of tea before they head out to appointments,” said Nagy. “It’s also a unique setting for private client meetings held in accordance with COVID safety protocols and guidelines. The unique vibe that has been created for a real estate sales office is really fantastic.”

Jason Nagy, CBW Oceanside branch manger (courtesy photo)

Nagy also said sales agents are sometimes available in person to answer questions from tea patrons.

“When Coldwell Banker West approached me with the idea to change their approach to leasing space and suggested that we share the space at Bliss, I thought it was a creative idea,” said Gordon. “The COVID-19 pandemic required all businesses to be creative and do things different. This has been a win-win opportunity for both Coldwell Banker West and Bliss Tea & Treats. We are developing relationships with the agents and they have a beautiful space to meet with clients. This partnership is a great example of how communities of people can help each other for the benefit of everyone.”

Founded in 2007 by Peter Mendiola, CBW president, CBW is one of the nation’s fastest growing Coldwell Banker franchises. For more information about Coldwell Banker West, visit www.coldwellbankerwesthomes.com.

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