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Local Workforce Agency Launches Interactive Online Experience to Empower San Diegans to Secure Quality Jobs, Launch Meaningful Careers

• San Diego Workforce Partnership’s comprehensive resource hub to support current and future workers to make informed decisions about their career path
• Workforce.org/jobseekers guides San Diegans toward employment and training opportunities in promising industries
• Holistic approach to job hunting centered on what you know, love and need with market demands to help people survive and thrive

San Diego CA— The San Diego Workforce Partnership released a new interactive online experience to empower San Diegans in their job search, educate the community and provide access to promising career and paid training opportunities throughout the region. This holistic approach to job searching relies on real labor market data to help job seekers of all ages to:

  • Identify careers that align with their strengths, interests, values and passions
  • Find workforce programs that may be right for them with a one-minute quiz 
  • Connect them with resources to become work-ready
  • Make informed career decisions that focus on more than a paycheck
  • Feel confident that there’s a place for them in San Diego’s workforce

As the COVID-19 health and economic crisis rippled through economies, labor markets and communities across the globe, the pandemic disproportionately impacted women, people of color and aspiring new Americans. In 2021, San Diego’s unemployment rate nearly tripled and more than 150,000 people lost their jobs in the span of a year. In response to this reality, the San Diego Workforce Partnership launched its completely free online hub that will help individuals find quality jobs in fields that match their interests and launch rewarding careers to create a better life for themselves and their families.    “We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed and should have access to tools, resources and support to achieve their goals,” says Stephen Colón, Manager of Integrated Services at the Workforce Partnership. “That’s why we’ve developed an interactive one-stop online hub with free information, quizzes, resources and opportunities to help San Diegans figure out their next move. Our goal is to empower people to secure a quality job that not only pays well but is aligned with their values and interests in life.”



“Job hunting amid COVID-19 can be a daunting, draining experience. As a service navigator at the San Diego Workforce Partnership, I help San Diegans navigate completely free tools and resources to apply for paid training programs, find a new job or pursue a new career path,” says Jen Hoffman, Service Navigator at the Workforce Partnership. “When you sign up as a career center member, you’ll have access to one-on-one support, weekly workshops and a list of companies who are hiring today.”

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