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Letters to the Editor- Thank You Oceanside Fire Department for Rescuing Girl from Tree

Most people think cats get stuck in trees, however my 4 year old daughter, Raquel who is autistic chose to climb past her brother. We live on Dalea place, so along  with a friend of mine, we decided to give our truck a wash. Raquel will usually hang on the first branch, while my son climb easily up and down. Although, this time my daughter decided to climb past her older brother Daniel. As I looked up at her, I quickly realized she was climbing higher and higher with her cheerful smile unaware she was easily past 15 feet with a small patch of grass and a cemented sidewalk 2 feet from the base of the tree.

Nervously, I asked her to come down. I realized  there was no way I could climb up and get her down. Racing in my head, I was compelled to get her down soon. Otherwise, this could result in some serious injuries. I called 911 and dispatch transferred me to the Oceanside Fire Department. In about 10 minutes, the Oceanside Fire department came out and rescued my daughter out of the tree. My anxiety and fear quickly turned into relief and joy. Furthermore, thank you to the courageous woman who lives two doors down who gracefully climbed up the tree. However, realized that my daughter  wasn’t willing to go down safety yet. Nonetheless, she was able to prevent my daughter from falling. Now, they had to rescue two people out of the tree.

However, it seemed so effortlessly for the men from our local fire department to save my daughter, but it meant the world to me. I just want to say, “thank you, thank you, and thank you very much!” This could’ve been potentially serious, due to the fact that both my children lack the “fear” factor and do not approach situation as being dangerous or threatening. This is why I sought help, because what seemed like a playful tree climbing child, can dramatically turn into a child who thinks they can fly or jump as quickly as they climbed up that steep tree. My son climbs everything, but this time, it was his younger sister who mimicked this behavior. She’s never climbed past the first branch. This was so unpredictable, but without hesitation my community is helping my children to realize that no matter the situation, that help is available if we just “ask.” Finally, the Oside Fire Department made their way. Calm collected they approach the tree with caution making sure my daughter was safe and my neighbor too. Just as quickly as she climbed that tall tree, she embraced the fireman in open arms. He comforted her as she burst into tears. I’ve never seen her so emotional until this moment. I can’t imagine stuck in a tree and the intense emotions, but showing very little expressive emotion. Again, I want to say “THANK YOU” to that brave

fireman who hugged Raquel back and comforted her. My daughter stayed in his arms several minutes, clinging onto her hero. The compassion that this gentleman in uniform showed my daughter and our community that day is to be commended. My daughter needed that reassurance, especially since her father abandoned her six months ago. So thank you for being her true hero.



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