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Letters to the Editor- Cypress Point Project Defies All Logic

There is a proposed Cypress Point Project described at www.cypresspointinfo.com, that defies all logic. It purports to offer entry level employees the joys of home ownership by letting other owners in the neighborhood suffer from additional traffic, losing open space promised by the city and reduced home values.

Besides ignoring all the multi use guidance from CEQA, they’ve stuffed 58 houses into an area that would hold 10 houses at the most, two story houses that dominate the one story neighborhood, blocking off another open space and obstructing the dog walkers that use the open space all day long.

My question is are we just abandoning the current Oceanside residents so we can attract more residents so they can enjoy the misery. How many people in the planning department live in Oceanside anyway?

Trailing behind this project are a number of transactions which were never properly disclosed to the residents and failed attempts to find alternative sites. The Mayor won’t respond even though I support the water project that just grinds on, on Pala.

Marc Puckett

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