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(Photo: Alia Tompkins)

Girl Scout Merit Badge Program Engages with Laughing Pony Rescue

San Diego CA— On Saturday, May 22nd, Girl Scouts gathered at Laughing Pony Rescue in Rancho Santa Fe, California for the Girl Scout Merit Badge Program. The troop spent the entire day learning the meaning of rescue and care for horses and farm animals. All in attendance had the opportunity to learn about and experience riding, grooming, leading a horse and equine communication. In order to receive their badges, the troop also learned how to tie their horses up using a quick release knot and were educated on the equipment and “rider lingo” vocabulary needed when riding.

(Photo: Alia Tompkins)

Laughing Pony Rescue has a successful history of providing unique camp experiences for children ages 7 through 11. The camps help the children build confidence, self-esteem and social interaction while gaining useful knowledge about the care and feeding of equines and farm animals. Every camp allows the children to experience a real working horse rescue ranch.

Since 2010, Laughing Pony Rescue (LPR) has saved over 1,300 horses, donkeys and farm animals from abuse, neglect and slaughter. Rescued horses in LPR’s therapy program have helped numerous individuals struggling from a variety of challenges. These educational programs continue to bring awareness of animal abuse and protective programs to communities throughout San Diego County, California.

To find out more about Laughing Pony’s ongoing Horse Rescue Camps and other programs offered by the organization, you can go to LaughingPonyRescue.org. Laughing Pony Rescue is a 501(C)3. Laughing Pony Rescue, located in Rancho Santa Fe, participates in the rescue and rehabilitation of equines.

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