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SYSTRAN Launches “SYSTRAN Translate PRO”

Leader in AI-based translation technology unveiled new, more accessible translation software, made with SMBs in mind

San Diego CA— As the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel gets brighter, it’s time that small and medium-sized businesses – the backbone of the global economy – begin taking necessary steps to bounce back. Today, SYSTRAN, the leader in AI-based translation technology, announces the launch of its newest cloud-based software, “SYSTRAN Translate PRO”, designed to equip SMBs, freelancers and organizations with the ability to
communicate across language borders and conquer new markets in just a few clicks.

Effectively communicating with customers is the pinnacle for business success. However, many companies find language barriers to be an intimidating hinderance to expansion progress. Beyond internationalization, it’s important that businesses market to potential customers in their native language whether it is for regulatory or marketing purposes. According to CSA Research, “76 percent of customers prefer to buy in their native language and 40 percent will not buy from a website if it’s [only available] in another language.”

SYSTRAN Translate PRO attempts to solve that.  Their cutting-edge solution uses AI and Deep Learning in conjunction with 53 years of experience with linguists and language experts.

SYSTRAN Translate PRO is:

  • Easy to integrate in current workflows (Office 365, PDF and email)
  • Easy to set-up, 30-seconds to sign up and sign-in
  • Professional-grade and highly specialized with access to over 325 language combinations and industry-specific translation models, developed by translation experts
  • Fast, with the ability to translate 10 pages in 10 seconds
  • Highly customizable as the AI can use the user’s custom terminology and language preferences
  • Completely secure with guaranteed data privacy

Additionally, the technology will save SMBs’ time and money, while drastically increasing the engagement of SMBs’ prospects and customers. The software is available in four different plan tiers, which allow SMBs’ the flexibility they need with plans starting as low as $5.49/month.

“Communication is a critical component for companies that want to be agile,” states Director of Cloud Sales at SYSTRAN, Keith Jameson.  “Our SaaS solution can help provide smaller businesses with the same technology being used by large enterprise corporations that benefit from a global presence. We listened to customer requests and it became apparent that we needed to develop a solution for SMBs so they too could provide sales support and customer service across language barriers.”

SYSTRAN, a pioneer in the machine translation industry, was established 53 years ago to work on translation of Russian to English text for the United States during the Cold War. More recently, the international company, in partnership with Harvard University, developed the industry leading AI-based OpenNMT technology. Today, SYSTRAN provides businesses of all sizes with advanced and secure translation solutions and technologies.

For more information on SYSTRAN Translate PRO, click here. For more information on SYSTRAN, visit www.systrangroup.com.

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