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Gun Owners Political Action Committee Promotes Wendy Chou-Hauffen to CEO

San Diego CA— San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO), a political action committee (PAC) promoting Second Amendment rights, has announced the promotion of Wendy Chou-Hauffen to chief executive officer (CEO) of SDCGO. Previously, she held the title of chief operating officer (COO). The promotion announcement was made by Michael Schwartz, SDCGO executive director.

Chou-Hauffen joined SDCGO in 2015 as a founding advisory board member and was hired by SDCGO as an executive administrator in 2017, after a 10-year career as a paralegal and office administrator for a commercial, consumer and real property law firm. She also has experience in drafting and land planning, finance and event management. In 2020, she was promoted to COO of SDCGO.

“We feel it’s very significant within the Second Amendment community for a professional Asian woman to be placed in such an important high-profile role with a political gun organization,” said Schwartz. “Wendy is very competent and has well earned this promotion.”

Chou-Hauffen said, “I’m very honored to receive this promotion. I am proud to stand strong in opposition of an extremist, gun-control agenda, in support of the Second Amendment and defend the fundamental and constitutional right to self-defense for law-abiding citizens.

“It’s part of the Asian culture for Asians to be hesitant about gun ownership. Criminals have capitalized on this, which has resulted in an increase in anti-Asian hate crimes. However, with proper training, Asians can confidently become empowered to be our own first line of defense.”

In addition to her role as CEO of SDCGO, Chou-Hauffen will continue to serve as director of SDCGO’s #NotMeSD program, a first-of-its-kind, non-partisan movement to promote self protection and prevent sexual assault and domestic violence by educating women about firearms.

Founded by Chou-Hauffen in 2019, #NotMeSD offers one-on-one instruction that helps women with purchasing a firearm, receiving firearms training and obtaining a CCW permit from law enforcement to carry a concealed firearm. To date, more than 300 women have completed the #NotMeSD educational program and more than 360 participants have applied for their CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) permit. SDCGO is currently accepting new enrollees to the #NotMeSD program. Information is available at www.sdcgo.org/notmesd.

Chou-Hauffen is credentialed through the National Rifle Association to teach a number of firearms courses, including pistol, rifle and shotgun classes, as well as “Refuse to be a Victim” and “Personal Protection Inside the Home.” She also has earned the Chief Range Safety Officer professional designation and is a certified instructor with The Well Armed Woman (TWAW), a firearms social and educational organization for women.

Chou-Hauffen recently graduated with honors from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, with a master’s degree in business administration. She was listed on the Dean’s List and is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society.

In March 2018, Chou-Hauffen was honored by the Republican Party of San Diego as a rising star on its 40-Under-40 list. Hauffen was recognized as a next generation member of Republican leaders for her efforts to advance the party’s conservative principles at all levels of government.

Founded in 2015, San Diego County Gun Owners is a registered political action committee (FPPC ID #1379388) and advocacy organization focused on organizing the gun industry and community and protecting the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Based on its membership size of nearly 3,000 individuals, SDCGO is considered San Diego’s largest registered PAC as well as civil rights organization. SDCGO features a diverse and inclusive membership with representatives from the LGBTQ, Latino, African American, Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

While every U.S. state has a Second Amendment PAC, along with several nationwide gun rights PACs, SDCGO is believed to be the America’s first, strictly local, countywide Second Amendment advocacy organization providing news and information on new gun laws and expanding, along with expanding and restoring Second Amendment rights. SDCGO sponsored events include gun safety classes, small gun shows, sporting clay shoots, social gatherings and pistol, rifle and shotgun experiences taught by professional instructors. For more information, visit www.sandiegocountygunowners.com.

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