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Non-Profit Formed to Support BIPOC Businesses- Announces Free Book Event for Educators

Escondido CA— Southern California business professionals have formed a non-profit organization to coordinate donations to businesses owned by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.  The organization, BIPOC Support Foundation, will be working to guarantee the survival of businesses statistically less likely to be granted sizable business loans—businesses already at risk due to the Coronavirus pandemic and social unrest.

DeMilo Young, one of the founders and a business owner in San Diego, has high praise for what BIPOC Support Foundation’s Business Support program will be accomplishing.  “We have a strong team of business professionals that will keep us on task and focused on where we can do the most good. These businesses are essential to our communities and we have a team of mentors to provide financial, organizational, and structural support in the forms of funding, marketing, and business services.”

BIPOC Support Foundation is now able to receive and utilize donations, with 100% of donations going directly toward funding emergency grants.  Their wish is to restore BIPOC businesses to their full potential by forming a community of support that is far-reaching and long lasting.  Learn more about how you can get involved at www.bipocsupportfoundation.org.

Free Book Event for Educators

The BIPOC Support Foundation has cultivated a quarterly event that is free for all interested in attending this fully virtual seminar. BSF have gathered a team of educators to teach from books with complex themes, where they break down not only the meaning of the book but also how to utilize literary lessons in every-day life and classrooms.

The first chapter of the BSF Book Club: Diving Deep and Breaking Through begins on February 20th and will focus on Stamped, written by Ibram X. Kendi and Jason Reynolds.  This is a book about the United States, the concept of race, power dynamics, and how to fix broken systems and mindsets still in existence today.  Educators will gain insight on what marginalized students face, resources and texts to assist in engaging discussions surrounding race and antiracism, and the confidence to bring this conversation to their communities.  DeMilo Young, president of BIPOC Support Foundation, says “We are arming educators with the tools they need to help students face the world they live in.  Books can teach us empathy in a way that life often cannot.  And how much better will life be if we have ways of utilizing what we learn from powerful books?”

BIPOC Support Foundation is seeking financial partners who are as passionate as they are providing free specialized resources for our educators.  If you would like to donate as a business or individual, or would like to learn more and sign up for this event, please visit www.bipocsupportfoundation.org.

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