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photo: courtesy NCTD

Del Mar Bluffs Emergency Repairs Reach Milestone

Progress Continues on SANDAG and NCTD Emergency Bluff Repairs in Del Mar

Del Mar CA— This week, SANDAG construction crews reached a milestone for the Del Mar Bluffs emergency repairs. Over the course of two nightshifts, crews completed the construction of a keyway, or foundation, that will strengthen the bluffs during the ongoing slope repairs. Located at the base of the bluffs along the beach just south of 4th Street, the keyway will allow crews to begin repairing the slope by placing dirt at the base of the bluffs and building the new slope upwards.

Later this summer, crews will install a new sea wall along the beach south of 4th Street in Del Mar.

Since the late-February bluff collapse, SANDAG crews have graded the area around the collapse, drilled 18 concrete and steel piles into the bluffs, installed tieback anchors to reinforce the bluffs and protect the railroad, cleared vegetation from the work area, and built a temporary support berm.

Emergency work on the bluffs is ongoing and is anticipated to be complete in fall 2021.

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