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Feeding San Diego Partners with ProduceGood and SDG&E to Rescue Locally Grown Produce for first CropSwap this Weekend

Ahead of Senate Bill 1383 going into effect next year, local non-profits demonstrate the vital role of food recovery in the community

San Diego CA— Two local nonprofits are working together to focus on food rescue and help feed San Diegans facing hunger across the county. On Sunday, July 25, ProduceGood, with the help of 25 volunteers from San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), will collect up to 4,000 pounds of citrus at a private residence in Rancho Santa Fe. After the two-hour event, the produce will be handed off to Feeding San Diego, the county’s leading hunger relief and food rescue organization, to distribute to those in need in San Diego County.

“ProduceGood is proud to bring together two of our power partners, Feeding San Diego and SDG&E, for this special gleaning event,” said Kait Cole, Community Orchard Lead at ProduceGood. “ProduceGood has provided Feeding San Diego with almost 200,000 pounds of citrus since 2016. SDG&E has been a leader in corporate social responsibility, having led ten of our picks with 98 volunteers since 2019. This fruitful collaboration will provide the food insecure of San Diego with thousands of servings of nutrient-rich citrus.”

By working with ProduceGood, a non-profit that engages local volunteers to harvest excess produce in backyards, on farms, and at farmers markets, Feeding San Diego continues to amplify its mission to connect every person facing hunger with nutritious meals by maximizing food rescue. Sunday’s pick is part of the program known as CropSwap, which includes different types of backyard and small farm harvesting. ProduceGood volunteers, including those from corporate groups like SDG&E, utilize picking poles to reach fruit and become part of the solution through community-driven work.

“Our partnership with ProduceGood is one of over 320 that enable our organization to both reduce food waste and feed those in our community facing hunger,” said Patty O’Connor, Chief Supply Officer at Feeding San Diego. “ProduceGood’s focus on recovering fresh produce already growing within our county is inspiring, and our partnership allows us to continue to provide healthy food to those in need of food assistance.”

This partnership brings attention to SB1383, a bill aimed to reduce food waste and help address food insecurity. SB1383 requires that by 2025 California will recover 20 percent of edible food that would otherwise be sent to landfills, to feed people in need. Moving forward, Feeding San Diego will continue to partner with ProduceGood on CropSwap events.

According to the San Diego Hunger Coalition, as of November 2020, more than one million people in San Diego County are facing hunger, including over 284,000 children. Yet a substantial amount of food goes to waste right here in our community. Feeding San Diego focuses on food rescue to meet the needs of those facing hunger in San Diego County. The organization specifically focuses on providing nutrient-rich foods to the community, and by working with ProduceGood it can provide hyperlocal, fresh produce.

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