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San Diego Design Week 2021 to Celebrate Design Across San Diego-Tijuana Region

September 8-12

• Second-annual San Diego Design Week’s hybrid format combines in-person and remote experiences throughout binational communities
• Presented by Mingei International Museum, San Diego Design Week 2021 features theme “Design=”

San Diego CA— The second-annual San Diego Design Week (SDDW) returns from September 8-12 to celebrate the power of design to shape perspectives and the world we live in. Through a combination of 89 in-person experiences and live online workshops, this five-day showcase will celebrate some of the most noteworthy design-focused pioneers and projects in the San Diego-Tijuana region—one of only two finalists to be named World Design Capital in 2024.

Presented by Mingei International Museum, this binational event opens up a world of opportunities for everyone in the region to exchange ideas, collaborate, and learn about design in a myriad of industries – including everything from interior and landscape design, to fashion, graphic design, technology, architecture, culinary arts and more. “This week isn’t just about appreciating design as it currently exists, but about what it can inspire in the future,” said Patricia Cué, creative director of Mingei International Museum.

“San Diego Design Week showcases the spirit of creativity and collaboration that’s positioned our community with the chance to be recognized as the world hub of design,” said Katalina Silva, chief creative officer at Enigma Creative. “It’s so important that Design Week includes every part of our community, and we couldn’t truly represent the region without cross-border collaboration, influence and celebration.”

The first-ever San Diego Design Week launched in 2020 to celebrate creativity in all forms, and cultivate a space where one can both inspire and be inspired. The COVID-19 pandemic propelled creative thinking to new heights, as SDDW adopted a virtual format to keep participants and guests safe. This year, the event’s hybrid format embraces the start of gathering in-person again, while prioritizing health and safety. These events will include presentations, studio tours, workshops, and self-guided tours hosted by groups in the binational community.

Design= features as the theme of SDDW 2021. Design at its core is collaborative, interconnected, experimental, and holds the potential to shift perspectives and imagine new possibilities. After a year of deep reflection and changes in the way we work and live, Design Week looks at the power of design in action — to rethink, transform, and renew. Design= is an exploration of design’s role as we envision a new future and path forward.

The last year has inspired a reexamination of relationships between people and space. SDDW provides the opportunity to unite communities through shared interest. Although border crossing restrictions have limited options for in-person binational events, SDDW 2021 reaches out to the binational community with a bilingual website and informational materials.

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