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Chasin’ Dreams Farm is Sponsoring TikTokers’ Tiniest Dreams

San Diego CAChasin’ Dreams Farm, known for its snackvention of a tiny popped sorghum snack – the tiniest biggest snack in the world, is excited to sponsor tiny dreams via TikTok! Chasin’ Dreams Farm is searching for the community’s tiniest dream ideas and the team at Chasin’ Dreams Farm can’t wait to pick their favorites! Chasin’ Dreams Farm is holding this contest because their team believes that dreams don’t have to always be gigantic and incredibly detailed; tiny dreams are also just as important.

This nationwide search will officially run through the month of September 2021, ending on September 30 at 11:59 PM PDT. Once this contest ends, Chasin’ Dreams Farm will go through the video nominations and select three individual winners who will each receive a $20 payment through Venmo to support their tiny dreams, and each winner will also be mailed a variety box of Chasin’ Dreams Farm’s tiny popped sorghum snacks. More details can be found in Chasin’ Dream Farm’s contest video on TikTok.

Whether your tiny dream is wanting to be treated to seasonal lattes because you’re dreaming of fall weather and decor, regardless of what the temperature actually is outside, some funds for a babysitter since you’ve been dreaming of one night out, a gift card for goat yoga to simultaneously fulfill both your dream to exercise more and even your dream to spend more time with adorable animals, or any other tiny dream you’d like sponsored, please post a TikTok video to share what your specific tiny dream is and also why you would like this dream sponsored! The sky’s the limit for tiny dream ideas, but don’t forget to use the hashtag #ChasinTinyDreams and also tag the account @chasin_dreams_farm for a chance to win! This contest is not affiliated with or sponsored by TikTok, and is only valid for US residents 18+.

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