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Oceanside Author, Isabella Steel, Releases New Thriller ‘Revenge is Reason Enough’

Isabella Steel (courtesy photo)

Oceanside CA— Author Isabella Steel, dubbed as a master world builder by critics, has published top-rated novels under Black Raptor Books, including two political thrillers set in San Diego, a science fiction novel, and epic fantasy. Her latest release, Revenge is Reason Enough, is another Amy Radigan Thriller.

Available on Amazon. Isabella Steel’s  top-rated political thriller novel, “Revenge is Reason Enough,” is set against the backdrop of a stagnating cesspool of corruption, partisanship, and apathy in Washington, D.C.

“The novel takes readers into a world in which politicians callously line their pockets without the slightest regard for the consequences of their actions. They simply do not care for the innocent victims left in the wake of their political games,” Steel writes.

The political thriller is a roller coaster ride. From beginning to end, the reader will be left wondering about who the true villain in the novel is. They would ask themselves whether it was the grief-stricken and vengeance-seeking protagonist or the crushing and corrupt government machine that drove him over the edge.

Another top-rated thriller, “The Silicon Gambit,” revolves around an embattled president, Colin Rockwell, who is faced with the consequences of his sloppy personal life, indifferent attitude, and general incompetence in office. His serial philandering has exposed not only his lack of character but that he has become a threat to national security and creating problems in the international arena.

Amy Radigan, a young and ambitious San Diego reporter, comes across a packet from a whistle-blower in the cold letter file. As she sinks her teeth into the story, she discovers a massive cover-up regarding the San Onofre Nuclear Generation station. The deeper into the investigation she gets, the higher in government, ultimately reaching Vice President.

The extraordinary political thriller will keep the reader on the edge of their seat from beginning to end. The Clancy-Esque novel is full of political intrigue and suspense.

Critics and readers have commended Steel for her outstanding writing and touted her as a “master world builder.” The characters and settings come alive and enable the sort of total escapism only seen before in the works of the immortal J. R. R. Tolkien.

“False Dragons,” another highly rated book from Steel, is a tale of fantasy and adventure that fans of the genre will find to be a beautifully crafted story of magic, wizardry, and an epic fight between the forces of good and evil.

For millennia, the wizards of the Silver Order have stood as guardians of the forest lands and inhabitants. Under the benevolent eye of Denrael of Gethsemane, head of the Silver Order, the lands have flourished, and the world has known only peace. However, there is a looming threat of evil on the horizon.

“False Dragons” showcases a highly imaginative world that will grab the reader from the very first sentence and keep them engrossed to the very end.

Likewise her horror novel and science fiction story are equally hard to put down. Filled with intrigue, fast paced action and suprises, and strong female characters,  the LGBTQ heriones  draw in readers from all groups.

Isabella Steel lives in Oceanside, California, with her wife and dogs. An avid gardener, she raises roses and koi in her backyard

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