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About Tom Morrow, the Writer

Oceanside CA– Long-time Oceanside columnist Tom Morrow is back and we’ve got him here at OsideNews featured in a weekly tom_morrow02_osidenewscolumn.

Tom retired from the now-defunct North County Times in 2009, and began writing novels. He currently has four books finished, with two now available at: on Amazon

A native of Iowa, Tom graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in journalism, and for the past 46 years has worked as a journalist, public relations executives, columnist, and novelist.

He began in Oceanside in 1991, as business editor for the old Blade-Citizen, which became the North County Times. During that time, he became a moderator-host and producer on KOCT-TV, where he began “Journalists Roundtable,” and then “Living Legacies,” which continues to be aired twice daily on Channel 18. That program also is available on demand at: www.koct.org.

Over the years, Tom has won numerous awards for his writing, and was named “Small Business Advocate of the Year” in 1995 by the U.S. Small Business Administration, and in 2003, he was given the first KOCT-TV “Beacon Award” for shining light on the city of Oceanside’s many cultural activities. He conceived, planned and chaired Oceanside’s Music Festival in 2001, 2002, and 2003. Tom managed the Oceanside Society Orchestra until he recently turned the band over to conductor-arranger Tom Brawner.

In 2009, he was honored by the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation for his contribution to the performing arts and by the Oceanside City Council for his overall community contribution to the City. The Mayor and Council proclaimed him “Mr. Oceanside.”

About Toms’ Novels

Haunted Bones:
Haunted Bones is his latest novel. a murder mystery set in Oceanside. Mummified bodies keep being uncovered in an old beach resort. Who were they and how did they get tucked in between the walls of the old hotel.

Oceanside, California is one of the Golden State’s more pleasant beachfront communities. With a population of nearly 170,000, it’s larger
than most U.S. state capital cities. Its residents enjoy mild year-round weather with the temperatures averaging in the sixties, seldom varying more than twenty degrees either way.

The city is also home to the historic Spanish Mission San Luis Rey. Built in 1798, it’s the largest of the twenty-one that are scattered along the California coastline. The string of missions are connected by the famed Spanish El Camino Real otherwise known as The Royal Road.
Danny Saenz and Joe Stein are hard-working homicide detectives for the Oceanside Police Department. In recent years, the OPD has been considered one of California’s best law enforcement agencies. But that hasn’t always been the case.

During the late 1960s and into the seventies, local police had their hands full keeping the peace on downtown city streets. It was a time when neighboring Camp Pendleton was turning out as many troops as they could to meet the never-ending quotas required for the Vietnam War.

Many of the young recruits had less-than stellar backgrounds: some criminal, others were high school dropouts. “Mummified Bodies at a Seaside Resort” …. All of these factors contributed to Oceanside becoming known as a “crime-ridden” Marine town.
It was a reputation that took decades to erase.

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Nebraska Doppelganger is a World War II epic drama which finds a farm boy unwittingly serving in Hitler’s Nazi army new-doppelganger_lg-coverafter being drafted when he refused to join the Nazi party.

When John rejects the Gestapo’s attempt to recruit him as a spy against America, he’s drafted into Hitler’s army, ultimately being sent to the Afrika Korps as Field Marshall (The Desert Fox) Erwin Rommel’s valet.

When the Afrika Korps surrenders, our hero is sent as a POW to a prison camp in Clarinda, Iowa, some 150 miles from his hometown of Broken Bow.

Does he escape? What is his fate? Read Nebraska Doppelganger to find out.

This book is based on the fact that several hundred Americans, both men and women, found themselves on the wrong side of World War II when America joined the fight.

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